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What is a Business Development Specialist?

When companies want to invest in a profession to help their business prosper and grow, they turn to a Business Development Specialist. We uses our experience and business acumen to identify ways to promote and maintain brand relevance in the face of competition. Our tasks involve researching new business opportunities, creating business plans and staying on top of industry-specific trends. 

Typically  we reporting to a Business Development Manager or Director, we work independently, yet have the skills to work as a part of a team. 

Build Relationships

As a business development specialist, you must have a genuine interest in others and be able to form meaningful relationships with ease. In order to find guest speakers for conferences and workshops, you will likely have to contact people who may be lesser known in your industry. You may be the first person to approach these individuals about speaking at an event, meaning you will need to use your communication skills to build a relationship with someone new.

You should always aim to add value to others in your network. This includes giving others valuable feedback on their work or referring someone you know to your client. You should also aim to be approachable. Avoid focusing on yourself and instead ask others about their interests. You can also ask questions to learn more about your clients and their organization. This will help you build stronger relationships that may lead to new opportunities.

Research Marketing Channels

Business development specialists can research marketing channels for clients that span all types of media, including paid ads, social media, and email marketing campaigns. To do this, you must be up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and methods. You should regularly research industry publications and stay informed on changes to social media platforms and email software. This will allow you to stay relevant in your field and make better suggestions to clients. This work may include creating content to promote a client’s products or services, such as writing blog posts or designing graphics.

You may also brainstorm ideas for new campaigns that can generate leads and increase revenue. This may include developing a new email newsletter or launching a paid ad campaign on social media.

Write Proposals and Produce Content

As a business development specialist, you may be required to write proposals on behalf of a client that outline their marketing goals and summarize services offered. You may also be asked to write and produce content that is published on a client’s website, blog, or social media channels. This can include writing blog posts, email newsletters, social media posts, and marketing materials, such as whitepapers or eBooks.

Writing proposals and producing content will help you develop your writing skills and become a valuable asset to your team. There are many different types of proposals you may write, including a business plan, marketing plan, or strategic plan. Proposals are often used to solicit new clients, as well as inform existing ones about your progress and future plans.


As a business development specialist, you will be responsible for promoting your company or client’s brand and increasing revenue through new client acquisition and leads. You will likely attend conferences and meetups to network with potential clients and get to know them on a personal level. Business development specialists can research marketing channels such as social media and email marketing campaigns to stay relevant in their field. These specialists can also write proposals and produce content that is published on a client’s website or blog.